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5 Tips for the perfect Wedding Cake

You are looking for the perfect Wedding Cake that looks great and tastes amazing. You have been to weddings in the past, and have not been impressed with the taste. You are looking for the best of both worlds. Well, this blog post is for you. Listed below are  ‘ The 5 Tips for the perfect Wedding Cake'.

1. Have an allocated budget

Are unsure about how much one should spend on a wedding cake? For situations like this, it is best to work with a Wedding Planner. The Wedding Planner will use your overall budget to create a spend plan for the cake. Knowing your budget will assist the cake designer determine the best course of action to fit your needs. For additional information on what goes into Wedding Cake pricing, please see our blog 'Wedding Cake Investment'.

2. Have an idea of your design and/or color palette

Having an idea of your event design and/or color palette will assist the cake designer create a custom design to fit your aesthetics. This can be achieved via a personal Pinterest board, or a vision board created by your Wedding Planner or Event Designer.

3. Have an estimated guest count

An estimated guest count will assist the cake designer determine the number of cake tiers required, and provide a rough cake estimate.

4. Have a venue selected or an idea of potential locations

The venue sets the tone and vision for your event. For example, is your wedding being held in a large ballroom with high ceilings, are there gold baroque accents, or is it an industrial warehouse with exposed brick? All of these factors will impact your cake design and assist with collaboration.

5. Hire an Wedding Planner

I have seen numerous brides forego the hiring of an Wedding Planner due to cost cutting measures or the desire to plan their own event. This can be a recipe for disaster, and could impact your wedding. The planner assists with all the items listed above, and will ensure that all the necessary logistic, timeline, and contractual information is completed in a timely manner.

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