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Classic Man: A Fashionable Event for the Modern Groom!

When you think of a Wedding, you typically think about the Bride and her gown. You do not focus on the Groom's apparel. 'GROOM'S, a book launched by Donnell Baldwin & Courtney Arrington-Baldwin was created with the Groom in mind. This book was created as a style and how-to guide for the modern groom.

Ida Rose Events + Design and Memories of Bliss Photography were the masterminds behind the book signing event.  Due to my love for all things fashion, I was thrilled when asked to participate in this fashion inspired event in Alexandria, VA. I was tasked to create a special cake that was fashion forward and conveyed a sense of style.  There are numerous Navy Blue Tuxedo with Top Hat cakes on the internet. Therefore, I did not want the cake to look typical. I opted to play around with texture and dimensions to create something special.

As a Sugar Artist, Sugarflowers are my labor of love. Therefore, I had to add some flowers to provide that 'Wow' factor to the cake.  All of the sugarflowers were handmade. Also, I  created velvet texture to mimic a velvet tuxedo jacket, and added texture to the sugar bow and top hat.