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Wedding Cake Investment

Newly engaged, I find myself navigating the world of wedding planning. I have expertise in the area of cake. That is my domain. However, I am a novice in the cost of other areas of the planning process. I do not know the cost of various things such as Florals, Linens, Venues, Catering, or Gowns. As a result, I find myself intimidated to ask, how much does this cost? This is the same way that clients feel when they see a wedding cake, and are not sure of the investment required. I TOTALLY get it, because I feel the same way. The purpose of this blog is to help one understand the factors that impact your potential wedding cake invest.

Why are Wedding Cakes costly?

Due to the fact that a Wedding Cake is created especially for the client, they are going to be more expensive than a cake you would get from your local grocery store. Cakes from your local grocery store are typically frozen and not made fresh onsite. There are numerous factors that go into the pricing of a Wedding Cake beyond the ingredients. Some of the factors that go into the pricing of your cake are as follows

  1. Labor: Labor is that amount of time it takes to bake, cover the cake in fondant, buttercream,hire resources, and create the design of your cake. The more elaborate the cake, the longer it will take. Hence, the higher price point.

  2. Ingredients: The ingredients that are used to make your wedding cake are higher end versus those used for a birthday cake.  Wedding cakes typically use flavored simple syrups, cordials/liquors, and special fillings to create a memorial experience for the guests.

  3. Overhead: This is the cost that goes into maintaining the business.  These costs include a clean professional kitchen, business insurance, and ensuring that the team is certified in food safety procedures. 

  4. Experience: The more experienced the cake artist, the more that can be requested for their expertise. If they have been featured on the Food Network, have a published cookbook, or have been featured in various magazines, this an influence the cake price. You are paying for the expertise of the baker, and the years of experience. With the expertise, you will get a better looking product, advanced designs, and years of knowledge. 

All of the factors listed above impact the overall pricing per serving. The average price per serving in the Washington, DC Metro area is $7-$9 per serving. Depending on how elaborate the cake design, it would be as high at $20 per serving. Using the average price per serving calculation will help you get a gauge on what you can afford as you conduct your research.

I hope that this helps to shed some insight into what goes into Wedding Cake pricing. Feel free to comment or send us an email at for additional insight or questions.

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