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Top 5 Wedding Cake Trends for 2018

I love seeing the new fashion trends on the runway for the spring season. I get a sense of excitement seeing designers like Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana display their runaway fashions. I gain a sense of inspiration for the upcoming wedding cake season. Fashion is a big part in our daily lives. It determines what is on the pages of magazines, home decor, and wedding color palettes.  The same applies to wedding cakes. The purpose of this blog is to provide the Top 5 Wedding Cakes Trends for 2018.

1. 2018 Pantone Color of the Year- Ultra Violet

Every year, many await the announcement of the Pantone Color of the Year. I am always curious to see what color will be trending. Well, this year it is Ultra Violet. Ultra Violet be found in florals designs to fondant.

2. Texture

Texture is being used to provide visual interest and dimension to the cake. We love the movement and sex appeal of these modern cakes.  Definitely a showstopper for your wedding reception.

3. Tall Cakes

 The term 'Go Big or Go Home' doesn't only apply to things in Texas. This year, it is applicable to wedding cakes. They are fabulous darling!!!  We are see larger cakes this year.  Couples  are not opting for the smaller cakes, but are requesting bigger cakes as a showpiece at their reception.

4. Handpainted/ Art Inspiration

From abstract art to a soft watercolor effect, couples are using art to make their wedding cakes more of a signature piece. Their own personal work of art that’s edible.

5. Monograms

Personalized monograms added to the wedding cake with the couples initials add that signature touch to their confection. 

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