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Omarosa Manigault Newman's Fairytale Cherry Blossom Wedding

As a Sugar Artist, I get excited during wedding season when I have the opportunity to create something special for my clients. I had the pleasure to work with Events by Andre Wells to create the wedding cake of Omarosa Manigault and Dr John Newman at The Trump Hotel Washington DC.  The theme was Cherry Blossom

Design Process

During our cake consultation, Omarosa mentioned that Cherry Blossoms were dear to her because of how she met her husband.  During my research, I found that there were numerous Cherry Blossom cakes on the internet that looked similar. Therefore, I wanted to do something special with a twist.

For the cake design, I took into consideration the venue, her wedding dress, the wedding theme, and the floral design. The reception was held in the Presidential Ballroom (see below), which is the largest luxury ballroom in Washington, DC. Therefore, the cake had to be grand.  My motto was 'Go Big or Go Home.' The finished cake was 8 tiers (34 inches high). I opted to create something timeless and regal.