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The B Collective Awards Recap

Many of you may have seen my post about winning ’The Best Wedding Cake’ from the B Collective Awards. However, you may have been wondering what is the B Collective Awards? Why is this award significant? The purpose of this blog is to provide an overview of the Awards, showcase the winners, and provide insight into its origin.

What is the B Collective Awards?

In 2017, The B Collective Magazine envisioned an award ceremony called the B Collective Awards. The B Collective is a complication of the best in the wedding and event industry celebrating people of color. This inaugural event was created to promote excellence as well as growth within the industry. The platform was designed to showcase the talents and exceptional work of creatives that are often overlooked.

The Inaugural Awards was held on January 18, 2019, in Atlanta, GA at the Emory Conference Center. The best of the best in the Wedding Industry came together to celebrate the vision of the creator Elly B. She is the creator of the B Collective Magazine, B Inspired The Book, and Elly B Events.

The Awards

Eight categories were awarded that highlighted every aspect of the Wedding Industry. These creatives work to bring the clients vision to life. Listed below are the groups and the respective winners:

I was very honored to receive the award for 'Best Wedding Cake' in the company of my peers. Click the video below to listen to my full acceptance speech.

As you see, the B Collective Awards highlighted a fantastic group of creatives. Follow these creatives on Instagram to view their incredible work.

Listed below is the latest edition (Collection 3) of The B Collective Magazine. Click the image below to pre-order your copy.

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