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The Post-Quarantine Cake...What does it look like?

June is the beginning of the peak time for Summer events. Due to Covid-19 this is not the case. Many have not been able to celebrate birthdays, graduations, or nuptials with their family and friends.

Future events have been impacted due to the limit on the number of individuals that can be gathered in one place. Many have decided to have smaller gathering or delay events to 2021. As a result, they are looking for petite confections to accommodate smaller gathering of 50 or less. 

The post-quarantine cake will be slightly smaller in the near-term. Many people feel that the taller the cake, the grandeur or more of a statement it makes for your event. A smaller cake can be just as fabulous and more detailed. Listed below are some of our smaller cakes, that have turned heads at various events:

In this new normal, Couture Cakes by Sabrina is excited to work with you to create a petite confection for your event. We would love to create something custom and as amazing as your event. 

Contact us to inquire about our services at

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